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Lincolnshire Athletics 09 October 2023
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About Lincolnshire Athletics

The Lincolnshire Athletics (LA) is the governing body for athletics in Lincolnshire.  It co-ordinates the activities of athletics clubs in the county as well as linking to schools athletics.  LA is affiliated to the England Athletics (East Midlands) and Northern Athletics.
This section provides contact information for the officers of LA and affiliated clubs in the county.
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Historical Background

It is believed that the Lincolnshire Men's Athletic Association started in 1911. In 1974 it was joined by the Women's Athletic Association and the Lincolnshire Athletic Association was formed. At the same time County boundaries were revised and Lincolnshire lost two large towns (Grimsby and Scunthorpe) with their athletic tracks.

Lincolnshire is a large county, 100 miles long and 60 miles wide; with a low population estimated at 778,000 (in 2023) living in one city, eight towns and lots of small villages and hamlets.

Currently there are 3 all weather athletic tracks in the county; Yarborough Leisure centre Lincoln, The Meres Grantham and the PRSA (Tommy Clay track) Boston.

The Lincolnshire Athletic Association (and it's former bodies) have, since 1946 developed the following:-

The Lincolnshire Cross Country League

All county Athletic Clubs, Road Running Clubs and Harrier Clubs have been encouraged to participate. Out of county clubs such as Nene Valley Harriers, Werrington Joggers, Chesterfield AC, Grimsby AC, Cleethorpes AC and Barton AC have all been invited as guests in the past.

The Lincolnshire Track and Field League

This was started in 1962 with all Lincolnshire clubs invited to compete along with out of county clubs as per the cross country league. After many successful years falling numbers competing, the lack of officials along with a couple of clubs pulling out of the league rendered it no longer sustainable. Unfortunately the last league match took place in 2017.

Track and Field Championships

These have including most age groups and most events. In later years, falling numbers resulted in us teaming up with Humber Athletics to put on a joint championships.

Cross Country Championships

These cover most age groups from U11 upwards.

Combined Events

These have covered most age groups and were jointly organised with Lincolnshire Schools. This arrangement stopped sometime in the new millennium but was resurrected when Boston and District AC incorporated them into their open meeting in 2022.

Road Running Relay Championships

These used to be a regular fixture in the county and hosted at various locations including Yarborough leisure centre and Stamford. Teams of 3 of various age groups used too compete on the short traffic free courses. The last relays were probably staged in the 1990s.

Sportshall Athletic Championships

The county selection matches have traditionally taken place at Grantham. Harlaxton Manor has been used in the past but more recently they have moved to the Meres Leisure centre. The ages covered are from 10 to 17 years. Successful athletes then go onto represent Lincolnshire in the Regional final which is also staged in Grantham.

Higher level competition - CAUs and Inter-counties

We send Lincolnshire teams to various T&F, XC and Road competitions. Selection is normally made from our county championship events.